Our heartbeat stutters

Europe is a great and wonderful place between oceans. Our green lungs are dying but we finding a lot of living places around. Wonderful but often ill. We want to change it. We want to protect and let it grow. 
We will plant trees because for the wonderful and majestic way of live!
Let it grow!
Our students in Hamburg (Germany) collecting it and plant trees in Hambburg. In June 2023 our class visited Ribnica na Pohorju to plant 30 new trees. If you have any questions you can write us an e-mail:
[email protected] 

School project of Stadtteilschule Bahrenfeld

The plantpirates project is a school project from our Stadtteilschule Bahrenfeld in Hamburg, north of Germany. Our students support and organize this project in the school and in our neighborhood.
In the north of europe we have planting times in autum and spring. In this case if you spend we can only plant in this seasons.

What sets us apart?

Our Projekt

We are a graduate student of the Biotechnical School of Maribor, a farmer from the Pohorje and a biology teacher from Hamburg. We participated together in a student exchange between the Biotechnical School Maribor and a district school of Hamburg it examine the question: "Is there a climate change?" worked. During a visit to the farm in the slovenian Alps, its beauty, diversity and endangerment became apparent. Due to the high winter temperatures caused by climate change, the fast-growing coniferous trees planted by humans cannot fend off harmful insects and fungi. Whole mountains of forest die and with them a multitude of animals. We would like to reestablish original tree species. Original species are more resistant to warmer winters, their deeper roots holdthe groundwater and prevent the mountain slopes from slipping. They create a microclimate for old animal and plant species and thus a protected habitat. 
Actually our students from the Stadtteilschule Bahrenfeld started this project. Every students from a class give fifty-cent piece Euro for two trees, one at the hills of Pohorje and one around or school. In this case a class get a sponsorship for two trees. The one in Hamburg they plant themself and maintaining it. The other one will plant from the farmers in slovenia. The clas can see the growing per picture in the gallery fo this homepage.

Our Idea

In the history humans changed ecological system and environmental stability. By the end of this we are seeing our climate change. 
All around we see forests based on industrial using of wood. In this case we see a low level of different kind of tree species, most of it are coniferous. But europes original stock much more different and Deciduous trees.
We desire bring back some of this trees. It`s grows slowly an bring much more biology diversity. Every tree save carbon dioxide and give us oxygen to breath! We plant only deciduous trees in Hamburg because it`s give us more Oxygen than different and it`s more biodiversity. Deciduous trees have deeper going roostwith it`s save groundwater and soil.
We will allow that you buy two trees. One tree we will plant for you at the Hills of Pohorje and another on in or around Hamburg city. 
You pay 10€ and get a godparenthood for one tree in the hills of Pohorju. You have the possibility to see it grow our  at pictures every year in the gallery at the homepage. You see also the protecting and the progress in grow.
Your money is only used for buy and protect trees and the material for your observation of it. For your second you will also find a photo from planting in or around Hamburg. From time to time you can find new pictures of in our gallery too.
Planting tree themself offers the possibility to save our own surroundings. The students will see how it grow and with problems the trees have. They take responsibility for their environment with a small contribution. They get a reason to talk about there planted trees and they see the progress of her trees.
However, it should be possible not only for the classes, but also for every other person.

You find here  the planted trees!  Every year it will come new trees!

Get to know us

Our friends

All people which want to save the and protect our world. All people who fight against exploiters and beneficiaries.
Change your lifestyle and manners and we build up a viable world.

Our values

We are a people from Europe for a ecological world. We want to be a part of balance between development and conservation of ecological diversity. We want to preserve a part of her human habitat. For kind of human being around the world.
We do it so that someone will do it!

Our Vision

We want to received and change our biologic sphere. We want to give species a change and ground to grow. We need more Forests and trees for that.


Breaking news! At this part you can find information about new friends, trees, places and cooperations.